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  1. Now sure what all the back and forth garbage is about, don't care..Just want to play ( with adults, not a bunch of children playing cyber gangsta ), That's why I play here. I do not know everybody or the history, I do know that when you put a lot of effort into something and it gets away from you, that can be frustrating. The main guy I have known is Nader, he has always said there were others working hard behind the scenes and in my experience ( I can only speak for myself ) I have never known him to be unfair or show bias ( i think he even banned me once or twice, nobody's perfect ). But all in all I would like to see this group continue, your a pretty good bunch of people..I should know, I am associated with a clinic called New Visions Behavioral Health in Las Vegas and we got a lot of mental health issues here , I use this game as an escape , kinda of important to me, helps me to release frustrations, etc.. SO...I will NOW give you the secret of life, passed down to me from an ARMY Drill Instructor as I was lying face down in the mud during a storm and bitching about losing my poncho: "If it ain't life and death, it's just sh$t to be handled" He had a few other choice words that I will not share at this time, but I could tell he cared and supported my efforts..( uh-huh ) "We are here to chew bubble gum and have fun, and we are all out of gum"...Just my two cents.. ( yes, I stole that quote from Rowdy Roddy and changed it a little )

About Us


The LOD clan has been in existence for many years. We did take a break for a year but are now back and as strong as ever. -=[LOD]=- provides a friendly gaming site for all who enter our door. We do have rules, and request those rules be followed when on our forums and in the server. The rules are in place to make sure everyone who accesses our group has a fun gaming experience. Please keep in mind that this is a family rated server, we have a wide age group that play here and all must be respected. So drop by and frag with us, but be sure and leave your attitudes at the door, and enjoy the server. Play Hard, Play Fair, Play Often, and above all, have fun!

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