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  1. hey Commando great to play with you hope to see you soon add a blast last night Pointz

  2. Gosh your sound alot younger on the server. i think your young at hart and brain.

    Kind regards.


  3. 15 downloads

    Wally. A Wad file maker and can also be used to make sprays for CS.
  4. Well looky here, da man has got some hair on that there face. Does Princey-poo know you have a new look? Huuummmm, I wonder... .

  5. Commando



    WinBSP, Map Decomplier
  6. 7 downloads

    Half-Life Model Viewer
  7. 8 downloads

    Valve Hammer Map Making Utility
  8. 28 downloads

    For setting up your auto buys in CS
  9. 12 downloads

    Like the name says, it allows you to convert images to use as sprays in CS
  10. 12 downloads

    This is a utility program that allows you to close background programs before playing to free up computer resources.
  11. Commando



    Wally, Make you own sprays.
  12. 32 Player Public Server -

About Us


The LOD clan has been in existence for many years. We did take a break for a year but are now back and as strong as ever. -=[LOD]=- provides a friendly gaming site for all who enter our door. We do have rules, and request those rules be followed when on our forums and in the server. The rules are in place to make sure everyone who accesses our group has a fun gaming experience. Please keep in mind that this is a family rated server, we have a wide age group that play here and all must be respected. So drop by and frag with us, but be sure and leave your attitudes at the door, and enjoy the server. Play Hard, Play Fair, Play Often, and above all, have fun!

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