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  1. When you want to play, let me know in advance and I will try to adjust my schedule and invite ahead of time. U R still on my friends, right?
  2. As part of my New Year's resolutions, I wanted to really crack down on hackers and being Pwned. BOY! was I in for a surprise! Go to https://haveibeenpwned.com/. Put in each of the email addresses you have ever used, it will tell you when who Pwned you. The worst part is I also changed my password manager pw. I started changing them using the PW mamager. I later changed the pw and think I mistyped it because no matter what I try, THAT AIN'T IT! You can't recover if you don't know the pw. What that means since I KNOW I have been Pwned, I have to go to whatever I can remember as login sites us use, know I don't remember all of the sites, but here we go with the million I regularly use. I mean it is about a dozen years of sites. Then try to guess which of my 20 emails addresses I used and as for password reset and then change the user names and pw's. I highly suggest you do the check and start securing your stuff. N@der feeling very unsafe. Here is what it said of one of my rarely used email addresses. Several sites: Compromised data: Email addresses, Employers, Job titles, Names, Phone numbers, Physical addresses and Dropbox: In mid-2012, Dropbox suffered a data breach which exposed the stored credentials of tens of millions of their customers. In August 2016, they forced password resets for customers they believed may be at risk. A large volume of data totalling over 68 million records was subsequently traded online and included email addresses and salted hashes of passwords (half of them SHA1, half of them bcrypt). Compromised data: Email addresses, Passwords Wrong time not to pay attention.
  3. Understood, wasn't pressing just trying to help.
  4. GoW, I uploaded all the maps, res, etc. to server when you asked and still have them all if they need to be uploaded. I also have the addons that we were using that I uploaded, can re-upload. I KNOW everyone appreciates yall's help and no one is pressing you to hurry. It is greatly appreciated by all including guests.
  5. Oh! I see! I go bonzo on everyone but you take away the credit to give it to better registry???? HaHa! With scores every 3rd game like that, the reg must be great. In playing this afternoon, I had to lower cl rates to get rid of take 3 steps, wait 1/4 sec, 3 more steps. I normally play 50'40 but it want away at 35/30. I do notice I have the best ping ever in the 20's!! Norm is 30 to 50 ping. Great work, server plays great. Clearly understandably yall have limited time, it would be nice to get a few smaller maps. With less than 8 players, the default maps are kinda big and peeps leave. TOTALLY patiently waiting. Thanks again! //This is the file that will add tags to the maps in A vote. //Example: //code: This is a sample comment //fy_iceworld2k GunGame //de_westwood WC3FT fy_buzzkill - small fy_rush_b2 - small fy_snow - - small mini_dust2 - small nesc_playground - small shishi02 - small de_acropol - small fy_buzzkill2008_s - med fy_buzzkill2009 - med lod_default - v[R]'s map fy_hells_- kitchen med de_oc2 - med de_eldorado - med de_emir med lod_default - med de_santorini - med de_blue - med de_backlot - med de_buzzkill - med de_kd med bj_vice - med csg_inferno - med de_mirage_2k16 - med de_late - med de_karachi02 - med de_pandemonium - med de_dice - big de_tuscan09 - med de_cali-polia - med de_skidrow_2010 - med de_salt2 - big cs_tibet - big de_Arizona - big de_fence - big fy_17b_snow_village_2 - big
  6. Thx, cool fun. Here are a few map suggestions: https://maps.cs-bg.info/maps/cs/2719/ https://gamebanana.com/maps/cats/5008 https://www.gamemodd.com/cs/maps/mappacks/3660-paintball-map-pack.html
  7. I loved it. You aim just like throwing a nade. LEAD, LEAD, LEAD. After 3 maps I got the hang of the nades, 1 double kill and at that time 6 total kills in 5 maps. Only suggestions, until we get some more complex maps, I suggest we lower the map time.
  8. OK guys and gals. I spent from the time of my last post till now trying to fix the server. Here is the problem. NFO says MUST upload mapcycle.txt via nfo control panel. That will enable it to be reproduced the necessary files. I do this with server stopped, no one in it prior to stopping and left off for a little while. When you look in either nfo control panel or FTP, the right files are showing but they are not the same in the game. This is also happening with server.cfg and motd.txt. I have notified nfo and will respond to any answers or suggestings they may have in addition to the one I have followed. I will post when that happens. Otherwise, see y'all in game if it ever gets back up.
  9. I have Drs and other work appointments tomorrow so I will get back on it soon. Sorry.
  10. Happy Birthday youngster.  Any chance of your coming back to visit???????????

  11. I am currently uploading the server now and hope it will be playable tonight. One thing I need help to accomplish. ALL admin privileges have been lost. Currently on my helper and I have admin. If you want admin, you MUST post your steam Id in a pm to thykiller or me, or you will not have privileges Thanks for your patience..
  12. While the website has been up 15+ yrs, the server, while having unknown service, but the 5 previous Sr Admins did a good job of keeping the server working up to par. When they all left, without full knowledge of server, cvar, etc functions, I have made as few changes other than maps configs and a few. Some of the server config files have been changed after both vigorous research and testing and have had the server working pretty well, but the problem is we are finding is that there is 18 or so years of crap - extra files build up. Note - when I ran 3 servers out of my business (home) and had redcsclan@yahoo.com/groups, there was no amx, cvars, etc, Actually, there was NO CS then either, haha. Anywho, I am not the expert at the available functions of the service we get from NFO. THEFORE: Sorry, unannounced, the server is down. May be a day or two. I do have someone helping me today. Our plan is having copied the full server files, blow it ALL out and reload anew then reload the must have addons but get rid of most. ANY MEMBERS THAT WANT TO PARTICIPATE, PLEASE NOTIFY ME. Also, guests and regulars: If you have suggestions for server rebuild, maps, addons, which map has what weapons, or other server control suggestions. NOW IT THE TIME! As we are rebuilding, it is WAY easier to add or change stuff now than later. Manage Event Download Event Add Similar Event
  13. Happy Birthday my friend.  I hope you your dad and the rest are all doing well.

    Pop back in sometimes and tell dad too!

  14. nothreat, thank you for offering. It is Sun 10, 21. Not sure how but at 5ish, VR and I are going to run through the working of the server with at least thykiller maybe more, about what you need to know, what needs to be done and familiarize you to the workings. After which, I will point out the specific thing needing to be done. Please not only let me know if this is a good time for you. Also how to connect all to the same computer like teamviewer. Others interested, please acknowledge.

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The LOD clan has been in existence for many years. We did take a break for a year but are now back and as strong as ever. -=[LOD]=- provides a friendly gaming site for all who enter our door. We do have rules, and request those rules be followed when on our forums and in the server. The rules are in place to make sure everyone who accesses our group has a fun gaming experience. Please keep in mind that this is a family rated server, we have a wide age group that play here and all must be respected. So drop by and frag with us, but be sure and leave your attitudes at the door, and enjoy the server. Play Hard, Play Fair, Play Often, and above all, have fun!

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