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  1. Nader, you spam the forums with this from an account you just created because you can't get into your regular account. Yet, you want to takeover LOD and the site and server responsibilities. You broke the server to the point Junk and I had to fix them. I posted warning everyone that the servers would go down because I wasn't getting financial help and I wanted to regroup and relaunch LOD to be what I know it can be, not a dictatorship and a great group of friends playing together as it's always been. I received 2 responses on that thread and not 1 of them were from you. They were from the ones that truly care about LOD and understood my position. Now you come on here "strong arming" me into handing everything over to you because "magically" you can now afford to pay for the servers. It truly shows me and everyone else your true character. I care too much about LOD to just say screw it and hand it over to you, sorry. This isn't about me having control because I don't care. If Commando came back asking for it all back today or Mama wanted to come back and run it I'd without question hand it over to them. I care too much about the people here than to hand it over to you. I am almost to the point where I can finally get back on and was planning to try and relaunch the servers and build LOD back up but you accuse me of shutting it down and you refuse to be willing to try and make it work with Junkman and myself. That's fine. Take your money and start another site and server. Build it to what you see fit and how you want it to run. You obviously care more about power than LOD if you have money sitting there for LOD but are holding it hostage until I give it to you. I just pulled money out of my account that I didn't have and paid for the servers because I'd rather be negative in my bank account than let someone hold LOD hostage like this. Once again, you still have your access and I'm not asking for you to leave but you basically just told everyone that you have no interest in LOD unless you're in charge. My question now is, where do you go from here and how do the people you "care" about see you now that you've finally revealed your true colors?
  2. I have not closed LOD. I don’t know where that came from. There is no money to keep the servers running. If you want to send me $51.73 to restart the servers I’ll be more than happy to restart them. There is a whole topic on this that I’m waiting on people to respond to. I made copies of all the servers so nothing would be lost and we could relaunch servers later with no issues. Payment has been the issue here. You have made it clear you aren’t financially able to support LOD and I can’t personally front the cost of the server right now. So I’m lost as to how transferring primary admin over to you is going to change that. The donate button is there for anyone who wants the servers to stay up. It’s not hard...
  3. @CatMan fy_puffy added to rotation and map voting.
  4. Nades should be powerful again. If not let me know and I’ll fix it. I’ll try to add fy_puffy this week.
  5. Last plugins added. awp_rooftops added. Please let me know if issues occur so I can fix them accordingly.
  6. @Junkman has finished uploading the plugins. Please let us know if anything needs to be adjusted or fixed. I will start working on maps again this week when I get some time.
  7. Nader I have everything I need. The folders are a mess that's my problem. They do not need to be reuploaded I'm sifting through them one by one to make sure that we have no more issues. Figuring out what files are needed and what aren't are what's taking so long. Junk and I are working on it.
  8. I will continue working on the plugins throughout the week. Any other maps you guys want will have to wait. I want to get the server running the way it's supposed to gain but I still have to hunt down plugins or determine what files the plugins we had used and extract them from the server files. That takes a lot of time.
  9. Despite my last post here is a list of all the maps currently on the server and that can be voted on: aim_ak-colt aim_map as_oilrig as_tundra awp_city awp_map bj_vice cs_747 cs_arabstreets cs_assault cs_assault2k cs_assault_upc cs_backalley cs_bloodstrike cs_deagle5 cs_estate cs_havana cs_italy cs_militia cs_office cs_siege cs_tibet csg_inferno de_acropol de_airstrip de_arizona de_aztec de_aztec2 de_backlot de_blue de_buzzkill de_cali-polia de_cbble de_cevo_crete de_cevo_russka de_chateau de_clan1_mill de_clan2_fire de_comrade de_comrade_3rdroute de_contra de_cpl_fire de_cpl_mill de_cpl_strike de_dawn de_dice de_dust de_dust2 de_dust2002 de_dust4 de_dust4ever de_eldorado de_emir de_fence de_forge de_inferno de_karachi01 de_karachi02 de_kd de_late de_mirage_2k16 de_nuke de_oc2 de_pandemonium de_piranesi de_prodigy de_rats de_rats_2001 de_russka de_salt2 de_santorini de_skidrow_2010 de_storm de_survivor de_torn de_train de_tuscan de_tuscan09 de_vegas de_vertigo de_westwood fy_17b_snow_village fy_buzzkill fy_buzzkill2008_s fy_buzzkill2009 fy_hells_kitchen fy_iceworld2k fy_pool_day fy_rush_b2 fy_snow lod_awper lod_buzzkill lod_default lod_famas lod_mp5 lod_paintball lod_scoutzknivez lod_theproject mini_dust2 nesc_playground scoutzknivez shishi02
  10. Maps aren't happening tonight. Half the maps I can't find anymore because they have been trashed on the mapping websites. I spent tonight transferring the server files over to my desktop and unpackaging them. I will be trying to figure out what files go with what map and upload them to the server as I can. This is a much bigger task than I had anticipated.
  11. @thedoct0r your admin is working. In server console when I reloaded admins it said you became an admin. @OldN@der give me a list of the most played custom maps we had and I will try and get them loaded on the server tonight. I currently have a computer job, working on building my side business, dealing with 2 stores, and working on the servers and site as well. This is just taking time and I will do my best to get it done asap.
  12. What’s your Steamid and I will check. Should be able to vote at least. Recruits can’t do much but kick or put up votes.
  13. I do have to ask. Do you guys notice better reg on the server? I loaded a plugin that we never had before that is supposed to do bullet calculations a lot better. Which means better reg. I’m just wondering how it feels on the server?
  14. Many plugins have been loaded back. I’ve unlocked the server to start load testing with the plugins. There are still more to add and the maps will stay standard for a little while longer. Thank you all for your patience.
  15. Ok, I have wiped the entire server and installed AMX, AMX Bans, and HLStats X. All are in working order. I have currently locked the server while we are working behind the scenes to get it back up and running. It was decided to take this time to completely redo it from scratch. We are sifting through plugins first to get it running with the correct plugins again. Once that is completed we will work on maps. Maps can be requested at this time in the appropriate forum. I ask that each map that is requested is put in it's own topic with link to it. This way we may review it and upload it if it fits our criteria for the server. Obviously our more commonly played maps along with the Source version of maps will be re-uploaded. This is going to take time and I ask for everyone's patience. It is the holidays and there are currently 2 of us working in conjunction with each other to get this back up and running in a timely manner but both of us are extremely busy so this will be a process. Once done the server should run at optimal performance again and I will begin refocusing my efforts on giving the site another face lift. In the meantime, I have thrown the paintball server up and tweaked it. Maps can be requested for it in the appropriate forum. They will be reviewed and thrown on the server if they meet our criteria. Lets take this time to enjoy some paintball style CS while we get our Custom Maps server back up and running again.

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The LOD clan has been in existence for many years. We did take a break for a year but are now back and as strong as ever. -=[LOD]=- provides a friendly gaming site for all who enter our door. We do have rules, and request those rules be followed when on our forums and in the server. The rules are in place to make sure everyone who accesses our group has a fun gaming experience. Please keep in mind that this is a family rated server, we have a wide age group that play here and all must be respected. So drop by and frag with us, but be sure and leave your attitudes at the door, and enjoy the server. Play Hard, Play Fair, Play Often, and above all, have fun!

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