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We look forward to getting to know more about you.  ClanLOD is an invite only clan.  If interested in becoming a member, please read below:

Do post that you are interested in joining so members can pay attention to see that you are a good fit for LOD.  Please understand we are a 15yr old clan and many of our original members are still around.  While many clans will allow you to join after just playing a few times on their server.  We prefer to take our time to ensure one is a good match for LOD.  LOD servers are a family oriented, objective based servers and we want team minded members.  If you like to hide somewhere and kill without doing objectives, you are not the type of member we want and this is neither the clan or server for you.  If you have the team spirit and make the objective your primary objective, get along with all players and conduct yourself in a mature and congenial manner, WE WANT YOU!

Here is the website registration which you may look up on whois.com:


GoDaddy.com, LLC
Registration Date:

We will not consider your application until you have fragged with us and have at least logged 80 hours on one of our servers. In addition, we require you be be active on the forums and have a minimum of 20 posts. These must be proper posts and not topic spamming.

Once you have fragged on our server and think that it is the right place for you, read the Rules and Regulations and these guidelines for applying:

Post a new message following the Application Example. Your application will be reviewed and if accepted, you will be invited to be tagged as -=[LOD-R]=-(LOD Recruit). This could might take as long as 1 to 3 months usually. Please have a working microphone, broadband, and be active in both the server and the forums.

Once you get the -=[LOD-R]= tag, make sure you get to know the members. They will be the ones that vote on bringing you into the Clan. You will be required to be a recruit until we get a chance to see if you fit in and you really want to be a member.

When you get a -=[LOD-R]= tag you will get access to another part of the forums that is visible to Recruits and regular Clan members and a reserved slot on the server.

If you are voted into the Clan after your Recruit time is up, you will have full Clan member access. This means that you will have the ability to access the -=[LOD]=- only section of the forums, and limited admin commands

To remain a member in good standing, you need to be active in the boards/server.  We clearly understand that LIFE always comes first and there are times you have to step away from CS for a while.  Please simply post to let us know and we will look forward to your return.

You will know that you are accepted as a Recruit either by PM, email, when checking the forums, you will see the Recruit section of the forums, or you will be told in game to add -=[LOD-R]=- to your name.

Our Tag is protected, do not try to put the tag on until instructed to do so.

Good luck and happy fragging!

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About Us


The LOD clan has been in existence for many years. We did take a break for a year but are now back and as strong as ever. -=[LOD]=- provides a friendly gaming site for all who enter our door. We do have rules, and request those rules be followed when on our forums and in the server. The rules are in place to make sure everyone who accesses our group has a fun gaming experience. Please keep in mind that this is a family rated server, we have a wide age group that play here and all must be respected. So drop by and frag with us, but be sure and leave your attitudes at the door, and enjoy the server. Play Hard, Play Fair, Play Often, and above all, have fun!

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